We are only interested in growing plant that meet the expectations of our customers. A big share of our plants is used for interior decoration. This market expects a lasting quality. We grow all our product to meet this standard.


Sustainability is no catchphrase for us. We firmly believe that setting targets will benefit our whole company. We know that the hart of our company is our staff. We aim to have an experienced workforce.

We use the latest techniques to minimize our footprint. We have a cogeneration, use triple screens etc. all efforts are made to reduce our use of energy.

Our product are products are produced to last. When treated well they can last for years to come.


We are committed to serve our costomers. We strive to attain long lasting relations with our costomers, this can only be realized when you are a company they can depend on. Our transport goes 2 times a day to the Netherlands, other destinations on request.


A large assortment is the core of our business. We grow plants on hydroponics en on peat. The plants we grow are, Philodendron, Monstera,  Hoya, Tetrastigma , Scindapsus, Schefflera, Clusia Aspidistra, Strelitzia, Sparrmannia, Cissus, Zamioculcas etc..