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Nursery Dirk Mermans is a fift generation company that grows tropical houseplants on soil as on hydrophonics.

In normal culture the plants are rooted on a peatmixture, hydrophonicplants grow there roots in expanded clay.

With this site we want to give additional information to the endusers off our products.

Soil cultivated products

Hydrophonics cultivated products

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On 20.000 m² we grow a big assortiment of tropical houseplants. By using the most advanced technieks on the market we grow houseplants that give our costumers a long lasting use. In our nursery no massproduced product, but a wide assortiment of plants. On a regular base we introduce new varieties.  Below two links to youtube.


Pot plant nursery Dirk Mermans

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E-mail: info@dirkmermans.be